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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is my child too old for recovery?
    While recovery is a possibility for many children it should never be the focus. Helping your child become the healthiest and happiest version of themselves with a higher level of functioning should always be the goal; and no child is ever too old to get "better"!
  • I was told autism is a behaviorial disorder, how does diet and supplements help with that?"
    Many ways! Children on the spectrum tend to be extremely picky eaters, leading to nutritional deficincies and an abnormal microbiome (poor gut health). There is a huge link between the gut and brain. Improving your childs gut health and rebalancing essential vitamins and minerals can help all systems of the body perform more optimally. When a child "feels good" they are more willing to sit and attend, and behaviors are drastically decreased.
  • I want my child to talk, what can I do?"
    Unfortunately, there is no magic bullet for speech. By reducing inflammation, improving nutritional deficiencies ,and repairing brain synapses; communication and understanding can improve, consequently leading to increased expressive language.
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