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Invest in your child's health and improve their prognosis.

Getting  Started   on   the Road     to   Recovery

Introductory Services

Direction and Guidance for the Beginner Biomed Family
  • Guidance ordering diagnostics

  • Nutritional support and metabolic rebalancing 

  • Dietary and lifestyle changes

  • Improving sleep and Mood 

  • Address picky eating and sensory processing issues

  • Education and direction

  • Customized supplement recommendations and schedules

  • Improving digestion and bowel habits 

  • Reducing self stimulatory and repetitive behaviors

  • On going and individualized support readily available to you throughout


Added   Support

Additional Support to your Child's Team

Already working with a doctor but need more intimate guidance and support? 

Working with a biomedical doctor can be a huge investment and they may not be able to provide you significant support in between appointments. I can help guide you with implementing a treatment plan, developing an easy to follow supplement schedule based on your doctor's recommendations, and guide you with navigating appointments and the appropriate questions to address at your child's appointments to ensure no stone goes unturned. 

Biomed  Protocols

Find the Missing Pieces

Dive deeper with diagnostics and advanced treatment interventions

Exploring all options, whether you are new or a biomedical veteran, there are so many routes and avenues to explore to help your child reach their full potential. Some areas to consider: 

  • Addressing methylation and mitochondria

  • Modulating the immune system

  • Eliminating food Sensitivities and restoring gut health

  • Rebalancing the gut microbiome

  • Reducing inflammation and managing behaviors

  • Addressing chronic infections, including viruses, pathogenic bacterial overgrowth, fungal overgrowth, Lyme and Co-infections

  • ACC chelation or heavy metal detoxification

  • Navigating mold toxicity and CIRS


My Process


Meet & Explore

During the initial consultation I will take the time to get to know your child's health history and current or ongoing challenges. We will discuss your goal and develop a plan to help you reach them. We will explore diagnostics, review previous labs or order new ones to help gather data and determine your child's needs and treatment targets. 


Restore Balance

The first step to recovery is removing is regaining nutritional and metabolic homeostasis. Removing foods and toxins that are contributing to ongoing inflammation and replenishing nutritional deficiencies that allow your child's brain to properly grow and develop. We will address mitochondrial dysfunction and methylation impairments to ensure all systems of your child's body are working efficiently. 


Dive Deeper

Whether your child needs intensive gut treatment, detoxification from mold or metals, or addressing chronic infections and immune dysfunction, I can help guide you in the process to improve your child's overall health and sustain lasting progress. Whatever your goals, hopes, and desires are for your child, I can provide you the tools and support to make them happen!

Let's work together!

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